Meeting new People. This is a true-crime story that you most likely have never heard before.

I am going to go back in time and tell you my life’s story as far as I can remember. You can look into the whole story, not just the one tragic event. It’s been a rough ride along a rocky road, which has me currently confined to a cell behind the walls and fences of an American prison. Though I am still breathing, I am serving a life without parole sentence.

There I was, expelled from school, I ended up after some weeks being able to go to a Christian school to finish the eighth grade. I was told I could get back into school the next year if I did good so I did. I stayed away from most of my friends and that summer I went to Alaska again to do commercial fishing. I came back and was readmitted back into public school to start my freshman year. This was a year that I remember decently.
It was certainly memorable, sort of calm before the storm so to speak. As what would follow this year would change my life forever, and not for the better. I was fourteen turning fifteen this year. My first year and only actual year of high school. It was the funniest time in school I can remember. Even though I did particularly poorly in the actual academics department. My social life flourished more than ever. I made friends with the older kids who had cars. Went to parties and thought I was a bit of a misfit and miscreant. There were much more alike.
At home it seemed issues didn’t get better, only my mom was working out of town so she was around a lot less. When I got back from Alaska this time I bought a four-wheeler, so I spent a lot of time out in the woods. I wasn’t doing the hustling business during this year very much. just having fun and enjoying being back to my friends and meeting new people.
But soon everything would change…. stay tuned to find out what comes next. I’m getting to the point where the book I am writing starts out. I am really excited about the book, im working on the book and my first album at the same time. The book is a novel based on a true story. I’ve been working on it for a long time. The album will be coming out in July. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter, to get all the updates on what’s new.